Support and Service Level Confirmation

Our standard support hours are Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm, Fridays 9am to 4pm. Outside these core hours support calls can be transferred directly to your dedicated support team. This will ensure that all agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) will be met. We allow customers to adapt our standard SLA's if additional requirements are required.

Measurement and Reporting Against SLA's

During the contract review and project initiation all Contract Performance Indicators and Service Level Targets will be agreed, including the method and frequency of reporting on them. These will then form part of the Service Report that will be issued as part of the quarterly service pack.

New Releases

From time to time elf will provide new releases for the System, or components of the System, as planned upgrades. We will ensure that any new release has been fully tested and that the requirements have not been degraded. elf will also ensure that any new release will function in the customers environment.

In the case of minor faults, a system patch can usually be arranged within an agreed time frame to solve the problem. This patch will be delivered to the user's support staff for installation. This is normally done electronically.